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Barry's Tricopherous for the Hair Greaseless

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Price: $4.99
Manufacturer/Brand: Lanman & Kemp-Barclay Co.

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Barry's Tricopherous for the Hair Greaseless

Barry's Tricopherous is the ideal hair dressing for men, women and children. Instead of using water, dress hair daily With Barry's Tricopherous. After the morning application your hair will stay orderly and look perfectly groomed Throughout the day activities.

Barry's Tricopherous not only imparts luster and brilliance to the hair, but keeps it soft and pliable Care for the hair and scalp Daily Massage-Massage the scalp daily.  This will stimulate the flow of blood through the tiny blood vessels and will aid in Bringing to the roots the vivifying nourishing elements so necessary to their proper functioning. The correct method of Massaging is to place the finger tips firmly on the scalp, gently moving it in all directions (mive the scalp, not the fingers) Change the position of the fingers frequently until you have covered the entire scalp surface. It is best not to rest the fingers

In any position on the scalp for more than ten seconds. The total time of massage should not be less than five minutes a day.

DIRECTIONS:  After the massage, apply Barry's Tricopherous and rub it in briskly. When dry, comb and brush thoroughly. The daily use of Barry's Tricopherous will help to lubricate the hair and scalp and to keep it in good condition.

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